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Software for
Student Riding Competitions

AquiloS faciliates many of the office tasks during a student riding competition: It maintains the data of riders and teams, generates drawing lots, starting lists and differences for each round. Final results can be calculated for different competition types and displayed in various ways. Many of the rules for CHIU/SRNC, WUEC and German CHUs are supported.

Given an arbitraty number of teams the program generates an "empty" competition with typical settings for all rounds. These round settings may be adapted to the organisers needs before the round is started. Using Drag&Drop riders can be assigend to their horses easily. During a round all affected differences are automatically updated whenever a new result is entered.

All output is generated as HTML and automatically displayed in your favorite webbrowser. The HTML file can be used for printing or can directly be published on the internet.

AquiloS was created during student riding competitions between 1997 and 2005 by Andreas Steidle (student riding groups Zürich & Konstanz). Since 2018 it is maintained and improved by Philipp Tegtmeyer (student riders Aachen).


Last Update: 28 June 2022



AquiloHelp.htm contains installation instructions and program documentation. It is also included in the Aquilo file you can download above.

Aquilo Output Samples

Look at examples of HTML output files form SRNC Bern 2001 (after 2nd round DR/SJ):
Note: Your default web browser will be used for displaying and printing documents. On Windows Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox offer the best options for printing (in this order), but Edge will work, too.

Excel Sheets for adding Dressage and Showjumping Protocols

Also they have not been severely tested you might find these files useful. Please check all formulas before you use them.
All sheets have gray areas which are write protected by default, so you can't by mistake change any formulas. If you disable write protection for the sheet you can easily adopt it to another test. The results of the sheets can usually be entered directly into Aquilo.