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World University
Equestrian Championship

26th - 30th July, 2000
Berne, Switzerland

WUEC 2000 Final Results in detail: Individual Ranking / Team Ranking

WUEC NEWS: The exclusive gossip collection with the funniest pictures from this world championship. Editions No. 1 and No. 2 where issued during the competition and are now available online. Edition No. 3 is slightly more serious and gives an overview of the riding results and all the special prizes. In edition No. 17346 we have eventually compiled all the remaining rumors.

The WUEC Picture Directory contains some 300 photographs (90 MegaByte) from the competition. A special section pools some particularly nice pictures intended for use by the press.

Studentriding and its world championship: Some general information about international studentriding and the way its competitions are organised. A nice overview of things to happen in Berne for studentriders and non-studentriders. 1681-2000: A short History of Student Riding

Involved organizations from university sports: SSRV, FISU, AIEC, SHSV

General and technical regulations: Conditions for participation, entry procedures, competition rules, ...

Teams not competing against each other in the first round. A list maintained by AIEC divides all participating countries into three groups of different strengths according to their results in the last two years.

Schedule 26th - 30th July: When do we ride? When do we eat? When do we party?

Accommodation and excursions: Supporters have until June15th, 2000 to register for accommodations and sightseeing tours. After that date we cannot guarantee food or accommodations!

Riding: About the riding location NPZ (Nationales PferdeZentrum, Berne). The Dressage tests are now available.

How do I get there? Are you coming by car, by plane or by train? We have some recommendations for you.

Contact: Who can I ask? Who is responsible for what? Meet the organizing committee.

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